VSL Associates offers a wide range of services to donor agencies, international and local NGOs and academic institutions that promote community-managed microfinance.

VSL Associates provides support in:

  • strategic planning and programme design;
  • staff training in the VSL methodology and MIS;
  • monitoring and evaluation.

Strategic planning and programme design

  • Orientation sessions in the VSL methodology
  • Feasibility studies to determine the scope and potential market for VSL
  • Project design
  • Development of all the materials required to support the implementation of the programme

Training in the VSL methodology and MIS

  • Training in the VSL methodology for programme staff
  • Introductory training in the VSL MIS for programme and M&E staff
  • Advanced training in the VSL MIS and SAVIX posting for Programme Managers and M&E staff
  • Exposure visits to model VSL programmes

Monitoring, programme evaluation and impact studies

  • Development of programme monitoring and evaluation plans
  • Programme monitoring
  • Impact evaluation
  • MIS data audit

Academic and professional courses in community-managed microfinance

Several members of our team are faculty members of universities and professional institutes that offer courses in community-managed microfinance